A Brief History of ILAC

ILAC – is designed to promote networking and professional development for alumni of Rural and Agricultural Leadership programs around the world. Historically, invited groups have been from 40 different U.S. states, 3 provinces in Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Scotland. We are looking for new groups to invite.

The International Leadership Alumni Conference is a group of like-minded leaders who are graduates of rural and agricultural leadership programs from Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, and the United States. The group first formed in 1989 when the directors of these programs held their first IAPAL – International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership meeting in Point Clear, Alabama. The directors held their meeting and a small group of alumni attended as well. 1990 marked the first official ILAC meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. The two groups met together from 1989–1992 and then decided to hold separate conferences each year thereafter.

ILAC continues to provide a great venue to meet other alumni and visit the host state or country and learn more about their agriculture and rural issues……we are celebrating more than 25 years of networking and friendships.

There are links to all of the active Agricultural and Rural Leadership Programs on the Active Programs page/tab of this website.